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ALL-ON-FOUR Dental Implants NEW SMILE makeover IN ONE DAY!

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A New Approach to Dentures

Whether you’ve got dentures currently or you’re thinking that dentures may be an option for you, the All-on-Four Procedure may just be the answer you’ve been looking for. With the many advancements that have been made in Dentistry, old-fashioned dentures and the issues that come with them, such as slippage, gaging and loss of taste are a thing of the past. In fact, denture-All on 4 dental implantswearing patients or those considering denture options, are relieved to discover that they can replace their missing or broken teeth with dental implants, and even rebuild their full arch foundation in one groundbreaking procedure.

The reality is, that there is no comparison between traditional dentures and the All-on-Four Full Arch Procedure because unlike traditional denture devices, the All-on-Four Arch is built on a foundation of dental implants which fuse to your natural bone, allowing the dental implants to literally become part of your body. Building the All-on-Four Arch Bridge on this foundation of implants allows for a stable, durable non-removable, comfortable, and beautiful option that allows patients to regain their confidence, functionality and quality of life in one groundbreaking procedure.

Patients who have experienced life with the All-on-Four procedure, rave about the life changing difference this procedure has been for them. Giving them back their confidence, bite force, and ability to eat the foods they love again all while looking and feeling amazing in their new natural smile! Read more on this ground breaking procedure here.

Implants being placed in lower jaw with dental implants diagram

All-on-Four dental implants Process

  1. The first step in your road to an All-on-Four procedure should always be to get a 3D CT scan and comprehensive consultation with treatment plan by an implant and All-on-Four specialist.
  2. The next step is your Pre-Surgery. In your pre-surgery appointment, impressions of your current teeth, and photos of your smile and side profile are taken to create an individualized smile
  3. The third step in the process is your Surgical procedure and placement of your temporary prosthetic. This appointment is the one you’ve been waiting for. When you leave our office, you will leave with a brand-new smile. During surgery you will be sedated and comfortable throughout the entire procedure where we will extract all your remaining teeth, place implants and insert your custom device. When you wake, you will be greeted by the brand new you!
  4. After your surgery your implants need to endure a healing phase of six months, to ensure that the implants have ample time to fuse to your bone and be successful you will need to adhere to a soft diet during this time. During this phase you will come into our office for two short appointments so that we can look at how you are healing, check your bite in your temporary device and monitor the progress of your implants.
  5. At the six-month mark of your healing phase we will bring you in for the Smile Design process. During this phase of your All-on-Four journey, final impressions will be taken, and you will sit down with our team for the smile design of your new smile. You will have the opportunity to choose the size, shape, color and essentially design your new smile with the guidance of our expert smile design team.
  6. Once your smile has been designed, we will bring you back in for a Try-In in wax of that smile and you will be able to bring your loved ones with you to see your new smile in your mouth and to make any changes. Once your new smile is signed off as perfect for you, we begin building your final, fixed device.
  7. The Delivery of your Dream Smile will come a few weeks later. You will come into our office and we will change out your temporary device for your custom designed final All-on-Four device. We will make any adjustments to your bite and fit and ensure that you’ve got perfect functionality, fit and comfort before you leave. Speech may be a little different for a short time after delivery while your mouth gets used to this new device, but this generally lasts a short time. While we advise to take it slow eating and chewing new foods with your final device, once you’re comfortable you are free to eat and chew any foods you like!
  8. Checkups and cleanings are still a necessary part of your new All-on-Four device. You’ve made quite a big investment and it’s important to protect it. Periodically we will recommend for you to come in for checkups and cleanings so that we can monitor your case and ensure that there are no issues. Coming in for these checkups on a regular basis will ensure that we can be preemptive about protecting your investment, and ensure that you continue to have the best fit, comfort and functionality as possible. Read a more in depth description of the process here.

What Makes the All-on-Four the Best Option for You?

Simply put, the life changing effect. The impact that the All-on-Four procedure has on each patient makes it the best and most exciting option for patients in need of a full arch or full mouth dental implants before and after slc utahsolution. What’s more, for patients who are ready to make a real change in the way their mouth functions, feels and looks, the All-on-Four procedure will shorten the timeline to reaching their goals than procedures of the past. The Titanium and Zirconia materials Dream Dental utilizes in their All-on-Four implants and prosthetics are the strongest materials in dentistry which are often stronger than the patient’s natural teeth being replaced, making the All-on-Four procedure the most permanent solution on the market for those patients looking for a total rehabilitation. Another great incentive of the All-on-Four procedure is that due to the technique and the way implants can be placed, it makes this procedure one that allows for better use of available bone while possibly also reducing the need for bone grafts, sinus lifts, and other preliminary procedures. Further, for patients who may have been told other options wouldn’t work for them due to; sinus, nerve, bone deterioration or other factors, this procedure becomes a viable option for them to still get the smile and functionality they want when other options don’t exist. Read more here.

Why Choose Dream Dental

Dream Dental is the premier implant center facility in Utah. As you find yourself searching for the right dental provider it can be challenging to know where to go. At Dream Dental we pride ourselves on our uniqueness, commitment to patient care, expert providers, and state of the art technology. We stand out in setting our practice apart from other Dental practices who provide implants in many ways:

  • We are the most experienced implant center in Utah. Dream Dental places thousands of implants each year, which expert providers in their fields with Dr. Bryan Hendriks, Dr. Preston Hansen and the Dream Team.
  • We provide IV Sedation with every patient surgery, for FREE
  • Our procedures are virtually painless, with pain management systems pioneered by Dr. Hendriks DDS, MBA
  • Dream Dental has its own accredited teaching institute where Doctors from around the country travel to learn the techniques and procedures taught by Dr. Bryan Hendriks
  • We are conveniently located in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah close to the airport for those coming in from out of state
  • We have a new 16,000 sq ft facility with state of the art technology including Cone Beam imaging, In house prosthetics laboratory, laser dentistry, digital imaging and much more!

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Are you a candidate for All-on-4 Dental Implants?

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Candidates For All On 4 Dental Implants

If you have lost multiple teeth to extraction due to injury or decay, you may be wondering what is the best method to restore your smile. At Dream Dental Implant Center, we often hear from patients seeking a long-term solution for missing teeth problems. Our unique patient treatment plans can include all-on-4 dental implants. The all-on-4 dental implant is designed to address multiple tooth loss concerns. This treatment is permanent, beautiful, and functional. But who is a candidate and what will disqualify patients from receiving this life changing procedure?

What disqualifies patients from having dental implants?

Most people are candidates and will qualify for the all on 4 treatment. In order to determine if the all-on-4 implants will work, we will need to schedule a patient visit in our Salt Lake dental office. We want to understand your dental history and determine if your jaw is strong enough to support the implants. Replacing missing teeth with dental implants is one of the best ways to maintain proper oral health. Missing teeth can increase problems with bone degeneration and additional tooth loss. Gum recession is another concern for patients dealing with missing teeth.

During your consultation, we will review a variety of X-rays to determine if you do have adequate bone density. If the jaw bone is weak, we will discuss options to strengthen the jaw bone with bone grafts before we can proceed with the dental implant. Successful candidate for all-on-4 dental implants need to have generally good health and a healthy immune system. Certain health conditions, like diabetes, smoking habits may need additional treatments to proceed with the oral surgery treatment. At Dream Dental Implant Center, we are concerned about your overall health. Certain lifestyles and activities can decrease the likelihood of a successful implant. We recommend scheduling a consultation to determine if dental implants are the best treatment for your oral health needs.

All-on-4 Dental Implant Placement

Most dental implants are made from titanium. The titanium will be inserted into the jaw bone where it bonds with the bone, creating a strong structure. Titanium fuses to the bone, like the way a traditional root of the tooth will bond with the bone. The implants are placed and a natural-looking prosthetic will be attached to an abutment on the implant rod.

This procedure is literally life changing, if you visit our smile gallery or view our amazing smile transformations you will see that our passion is to provide each patient with the very best results.


To learn more about dental implants or to determine if you are a candidate for all-on-4 dental implants, you will need to schedule a free consultation. Contact our salt lake dental office today!  



3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Stress About Dental Implants

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Dental implants are one of the most popular ways to restore a smile that currently has missing teeth. Dental implants are life-like, and they are a permanent solution for patients with missing teeth. Dental implants typically include the use of a titanium screw embedded into the jaw bone, where it will bond with the bone. The dental implant makes a strong connection, and functions as a traditional tooth. For dental implants to be embedded in the jaw, you will need to have minor dental surgery. The term surgery worries some people, and you may feel nervous about the procedure. It is important to know that dental implant surgery is a routine undertaking and offers little discomfort. Here are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t stress about dental implant surgery:

You Are In Good Hands

Dream Dental Implant Center has trained doctors specializing in dental implants. We understand how to precisely plan each dental implant treatment to ensure a successful outcome. Before you even come in for your surgery, our team has carefully mapped out your mouth to determine the best positioning for the dental implant. Our modern technology allows us to check on the implant during the procedure to ensure it is placed properly.

Your Comfort is Key

We always take our patients comfort level into consideration during treatments. We want to be sure that our patients are comfortable during surgery so we do use local anesthesia and nitrous oxide. If you are healthy enough for the surgery, you will not have any issues during the procedure. If you have health conditions that may make treatment challenging (anxiety), please tell our office in advance as we may need to provide you with a sedative or anti-anxiety medication before we can start the surgery.

There is Limited Discomfort

We work hard during the planning stage to ensure a successful outcome, so there is little discomfort during and after the treatment. The incised tissues will be stitched with self-absorbing sutures, preventing the need to come into our office for suture removal. We will provide pain relievers following surgery to ensure patients are able to function without pain. In most cases, ibuprofen is sufficient to deal with the limited pain post-surgery.

A dental implant will heal fairly quickly an has a high success rate. Within a few weeks after surgery, we will bring you back to our Salt Lake dental implant center to check on your implant. Contact Dream Dental Implant Center to discuss your dental implant needs.

Dream Dental Implant Center in Salt Lake City, Utah

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