Single Tooth Dental Implant

Why would I need just a single tooth?

A single tooth implant will replace a missing or extracted tooth to restore your smile and feel natural. The reason for a single tooth implant is when a tooth is missing or has to be removed because the natural tooth has become unhealthy. There are various situations that a tooth has become unhealthy and requires removal. An example of an unhealthy tooth needing extraction could be an infection at the root of the tooth, often referred to as an abscess. An abscess can sometimes be treated with a root canal therapy, where the tooth is drilled into and an opening to the nerve of the tooth is accessed. The nerve is then removed and the infection is cleaned out. If an abscess cannot be resolved with a root canal treatment an implant may be a good option to replace the natural tooth.

What if the root canal doesn’t work?

In some cases, a root canaled tooth can fail and become infected again. It’s possible the nerve was not completely removed when the root canal was performed, or there was another canal on the tooth that was not accessed and has now become infected. If this is the situation the tooth may require removal to relieve the infection. There is a procedure called an apicoectomy; a dentist can try this procedure to relieve an infection at the root by making an incision and drilling through the bony wall directly at the root. Although, there are many treatment options, generally it is a more predictable procedure to remove the tooth and place the implant.

What if I was born with missing teeth?

Some people are born with missing teeth, referred to as congenitally missing teeth. Implants are a great option to give people with congenitally missing teeth the option to have a full and natural smile back. Single or multiple implants can be placed in the space where their natural teeth did not erupt. After implant placement and some healing time, a crown will be custom made to match the shade, shape and size of their other teeth; giving the patient a beautiful, natural feeling and functional smile.