Meet the Dream Team

Dr Hendriks

Dr. Bryan Hendriks, DDS, MBA

Founder, CEO

Dr. Hendriks can be described in one word: Passionate. This passion for changing lives has lead Dr. Hendriks to surgically place and restore thousands of implants throughout his career. His personal mission is: “To create life changing dream smiles.” This passion has driven him to limit his practice to implant dentistry, which has the most powerful effect on the life of his patients. Unlike most general dentists, Dr. Hendriks doesn’t do routine procedures like regular fillings or crowns. But rather, he focuses on his passion which lies in changing lives through full mouth reconstruction with implants. He travels all over the world, training with the greatest minds in dentistry and medicine, to provide the highest level of care.

When not working Dr. Hendriks can be found enjoying time with his family and friends.

DR Perkins

Dr. Kyle Perkins, DDS

Clinical Manager

Dr. Perkins is a Cortez, Colorado native who served a two-year LDS mission in the California Ventura Mission. A walk-on transfer from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Dr. Perkins played basketball for the University of Utah before attending Dental School. After graduating from the University of Utah Dental School, Dr. Perkins started his 18-month residency with Dream Dental.

As a Resident with Dream Dental, Dr. Perkins has shown a tremendous passion for learning and development and is undergoing an intensive training alongside Dr. Hendriks on all aspects of implant surgery, prosthetics, clinical management and patient care.

In his spare time, Dr. Perkins can be found soaking up Utah’s outdoor adventures, in both the water and the mountains.

Miguel photo

Dr. Miguel Sarmiento

Lead Prosthetic Assistant

Born and raised in Venezuela, Miguel is a general dentist-turned-lead prosthetic assistant dedicated to implementing Dream Dental’s mission of changing as many lives as possible while excelling at patient care.

As the lead prosthetic assistant for Dream Dental, Miguel is responsible for assisting our patients post-surgery and in the training and mentoring of all of the prosthetic team for Dream Dental.
When he’s not working, Miguel can be found spending time with his friends and family, traveling, listening to great music and enjoying the outdoors.

dr flores

Dr. Dennis Flores

Removable and Fixed Prosthetic Lab Technician

Dennis, born and raised in Guatemala, is a dentist-turned lab technician passionate about working hard, smart, and creating the best work possible for our patients.

As the removable and fixed lab technician for Dream Dental, Dennis utilizes his skills as a dentist, knowledge from watching his father, who was also a lab technician, and amazing attention to detail to create Dream Smiles for all of our patients

When he isn’t in the lab, Dennis, a father of 6 can be found out riding his motorcycle, hiking, swimming or enjoying the outdoors with his family.

staff photo

Gia Burt

General Manager

Gia is a Utah born, Texas raised human resource manager-turned general manager passionate about business and changing the lives of both patients and her colleagues.

As the general manager for the Dream Life Corporation, Gia is responsible for maintaining the vision, mission, goals and high standards of all of the Dream Life Brands. With undergraduate degrees in Finance and a Masters degree in Human Resource Management she is a valuable asset to the Dream Life Corporations, including Dream Dental.

When she isn’t working, you’ll find Gia being a super mom to her 5 beautiful children, enjoying a sporting event with her husband Chris, or building websites.

al photo

Alvaro (Al) Ramirez

Marketing Director

Born in Washington State, Al has lived in many places. He served a two year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Spain, and when he returned, he moved to Hawaii where he worked and played baseball with a hope of going professional. He decided that it was more important for him to be a husband and father and moved to Utah. He has called Utah home for the past 21 years and plans on sticking around for much longer.

Al joined Dream Dental after coming off a stint as a High School teacher in a small town on the border of Utah and Nevada. Prior to teaching he owned a consulting business and worked with businesses located all over the world. He is driven by a passion to help people, which drew him to Dream Dental because he was able to see how Dr. Hendriks helps people change their lives. He uses his experience in business to help communicate the outstanding services offered by Dream Dental.

When Al isn't working (which isn't often), he spends all his free time with his family consisting of his best friend and wife and their 5 children. He finds peace in teaching his family self-defense using his experience and time as a soldier in the United States Army to teach them advanced protection techniques.

staff photo

Christina Ware

Lead Surgical Technician

Christina is a Utah native from right here in Ogden Utah. An oral surgeon assistant turned surgical ninja Christina excels at patient comfort and care.

As the lead surgical assistant for Dream Dental, Christina is responsible for maintaining the high standards for patient experience, comfort and care as well as the continued training and mentoring all of Dream Dentals' surgical team.

When she isn’t working, you’ll find Christina traveling the world, riding her motorcycle, or adventuring in the outdoors and snow.


Shelby Jordan

Treatment Coordinator

Shelby is a TN native, the youngest of 3 siblings, she ventured out to Utah on her own and made a life right here in the valley.

As the Treatment Coordinator for Dream Dental Shelby is responsible for implementing the new patient experience for Dream Dental and helping increase brand awareness, generate new leads and helping our new patients start their journey to their Dream Smiles.

When she isn’t working, Shelby can be found living it up in the gorgeous outdoors of Utah, skiing, rock climbing, or hiking with her dogs. In her spare time, Shelby loves to study and work to save the coral reefs with her family.

staff photo

Cindy Hendriks

New Patient Coordinator

Born and raised in Utah, with 3 sons and an amazing husband, Cindy is an airline customer service agent turned new patient coordinator with a passion for working with patients.

As the new patient coordinator for Dream Dental, Cindy is responsible for inbound and outbound patient calls to new patients looking to start their journey to their Dream Smile. Cindy works with both in state and out of state patients to coordinate their initial Dream Dental visit and works hard to implement and excel the customer experience for all of our patients.

Outside of being the new patient coordinator, Cindy lives to spend time with her beautiful grandchildren.

Dante's photo

Dante Deraedt

Cad Cam Technician

Dante is a Utah native from right here in Salt Lake City, who found his passion as a dental lab tech early in life, he’s fostered that passion into a great career.

As the cad cam technician for Dream Dental, Dante is responsible for the implementing of digital strategies for our in house lab to increase the efficiency and experience for all of our patients.

When he isn’t milling or working on in the lab, Dante loves snowboarding, camping and hanging out in the outdoors.

Camilo's photo

Camilo Serna

Prosthetic Dental Assistant

Camilo is a Columbia native, who found love and a new home here in Utah. Marketing student-turned-dental assistant, Camilo has found a new love for dentistry and patients. His dedication to patient care, and continual learning in all aspects of dentistry makes him a valuable asset to the Dream Dental team.

As a prosthetic dental assistant for Dream Dental, Camio is responsible for implementing excellent patient care and experience for all of our patients post-surgery.

When not working hard for Dream Dental, Camilo enjoys sports, movies and traveling with his beautiful wife and believes that getting to understand new cultures is his window to happiness.


Jeffrey White

Dental Ceramist Tech

Jeffrey, originally from Lovell, Wyoming has spent quite a bit of his adult life right here in Utah. With a pedigree of dentists and dental related fields in his family, going into the Dental Lab Tech field was almost meant to be.

As the Dental Ceramist Tech for Dream Dental, Jeffrey works closely with the other lab technicians to fabricate the finish work on all of the dream smiles for all of our amazing patients.

When not in the lab, Jeffrey loves spending time with his wife and two adorable children watching sports, listening to great music, or fishing.