Our Dream Team

Dr. Bryan Hendriks - DDS, MBA

Dr. Bryan Hendriks, DDS, MBA

Founder, CEO

Dr. Hendriks can be described in one word: Passionate. This passion for changing lives has lead Dr. Hendriks to surgically place and restore thousands of implants throughout his career. His personal mission is: “To create life changing dream smiles.” This passion has driven him to limit his practice to implant dentistry, which has the most powerful effect on the life of his patients. Unlike most general dentists, Dr. Hendriks doesn’t do routine procedures like regular fillings or crowns. But rather, he focuses on his passion which lies in changing lives through full mouth reconstruction with implants. He travels all over the world, training with the greatest minds in dentistry and medicine, to provide the highest level of care.

When not working Dr. Hendriks can be found enjoying time with his family and friends.

Gerson Prada

Gerson Prada C.D.T

Master Ceramist

Gerson is one of our talented employees who loves dentistry as much as Dr. Hendriks. He is married and has two children. He grew up in Mexico and later moved to the United States. Coming from a family of doctors and artists, he chose Dentistry because it comes natural for him. He loves to travel and learn from the best in the world. He is a fantastic human being who always lifts others around him. He has a sense of humor that makes everyone around him hurt from laughter. He is very close with Dr. Hendriks and his family.

Valentina Sorondo

Lead Surgical and Prosthetic Assistant

Valentina is one of our sweetest employees. She has been a loyal employee and true friend (and like family) to Dr. H and Becky these past two years as she has taken on many roles at Dream. From Venezuela, she migrated to the United States to further her education. She plans to become a dentist and implantologist so she can make a difference in the world. She is so loving and caring to all of our patients and is most often requested by patients. She loves seeing people get their dream smile and often finds herself getting emotional with our patients and family. The quote she often repeats when something doesn't go as planned is, ``It could be worse.`` 😉 Valentina enjoys the outdoors, boating, and binge watching the newest Netflix Series to share with the team. Her Super Power is the most genuine concern and empathy for those around her.

Lisa Barratt

Front Office Coordinator

Lisa is one of Dr. Hendriks oldest friends from High school and became Dr. h's sister in law when he married her sister Becky. She is married and has four children, who keep her very busy when she isn't at work. She has been a savior to Dream Dental as she came in at the right time post covid. Lisa's super power is being a great communicator, making others feel comfortable around her. Even though she is new to dentistry, she has already been a chairside assistant, receptionist, and treatment coordinator. Like her sister Becky, she is super close with her siblings and especially her dad. She is one of the hardest working, committed individuals you can find. In her free time she loves play sports, hiking, and play board games with her loved ones. What does Dr. H love about Lisa? ``She is so caring to everyone around her as well as loyal and committed to the people in her life. She is one of the strongest people I know and for this I deeply respect and admire her.``

Becky Hendriks


Becky is an owner and wife of Dr. Hendriks. She currently manages the office at home and at work. She grew up in West Valley and attended Hunter High, where she first met doc but being a year older, never gave Dr. H a date until a few years later. After High school, she went to Dixie State University for Interior Design. Their paths would intersect some time later while on college break during Christmas. As a mother of four children under the age of 15, she is incredibly strong and fierce when it comes to caring for them. She loves camping, boating, board games, and spending time with her sisters. Becky's special power is to see the good in everyone and make the sun come out on the rainy days. She is the planner and is very organized both at home and work. She jokes about how she and doc are complete opposites in most things but some how it works perfect. When asked about Becky, Dr. H often gets emotional as he gives her more credit than him for all they have accomplished together. He is still madly in love with her after almost 20 years of marriage and says with out hesitation, ``She is my best friend.``
Cindy Hendriks

Cindy Hendriks

New Patient Coordinator

The mother of Dr. Hendriks, Cindy is the most loving, caring, and genuinely unselfish person you will ever meet. Dr. Hendriks is not shy to say that he has ``always been a mommas boy`` and often quotes President Abraham Lincoln, ``All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.`` She is the momma to all of us at Dream Dental and is always looking after one of our team members or one of our patients. She was born in Salt Lake City and attended West High School. She is married and been with her husband Hubert for 50 years. After graduating beauty school, she started a salon in her basement, which allowed her to be home and raise her three boys Branden, Bryan, and Tyler. Her passion is spending time with her Grandkids and serving the people around her. She enjoys painting and all forms of art and is exceptionally talented in any of these areas. She often says, ``God never said it would be easy, but that it would be worth it.`` Dr. Hendriks is so proud to work with his mom and show her off as the gem she truly is.

As Patient Coordinator, Cindy is responsible for communicating and scheduling new patients that are just starting their journey.