All on 4 Dental Implants Cost

The cost of all on 4 dental implants vary by the amount of bone and if you need a bone graft. If there is a lot of bone, the patient is a great candidate for implants and the procedure will not be as difficult nor will it take as much time.

At Dream Dental Implant Center, we are experts in all styles of dental implants. We often work with patients who have tried implants from somewhere cheaper, only to end up dealing with infections and failed implants. There is a difference in selecting our implant center versus going to a cheaper option as these discount places rarely have the experience, proper technique and materials needed for a successful dental implant. Utah is a great place for affordable dental implants. Outside of Utah, most people will pay 25% to 30% more for dental implants.

Another reason Dream Dental Implant Center can provide affordable dental implants is because we have one doctor performing the surgery, placing the implants and have a in-house lab. Other places will normally have multiple doctors on staff to perform the surgery in multiple phases, whereas we perform our procedures in-house with one doctor, so you do not need to pay multiple people.

Determining All on 4 Dental Implants Cost

The best way to determine how much a dental implant will cost is by sitting down with our doctor and reviewing your current health. We will create a 3D image of how much bone is in your mouth, and determine if you need bone grafts before we can perform the surgery. We want to provide you with the highest quality product for the best price. We do not offer pricing over the phone because we haven’t seen your x-rays and cannot evaluate the bone density of your mouth. In fact, any doctor that provides pricing over the phone isn’t one you want to go see. The doctor is likely someone that wants money and doesn’t care about the success of your implant.

At Dream Dental, we want to be able to deliver what we promise, which means our doctor needs to be able to see your mouth, and look into your eyes and tell you in person exactly what the procedure will entail. We believe in honesty above everything else and we want to be able to help you understand what your investment will cost. We will create a unique patient treatment plan before we ever start discussing fees.

We have a CT machine in-house that we use to determine the procedure and then we start from there. Quite often, patients will come to us for a second opinion with a quote from another office. We can immediately tell if that company is trying to just make money from a patient, or if they care. We can see that most of those places do not have CT machines and they don’t even look at your bone density through a CT to determine how long the procedure will take and how much it will cost.

How to choose the Doctor for your Implant Procedure

How do you know what to ask the implant doctor? Dream Dental Implant Center is no stranger to people asking numerous questions, we want you to question us so you know you have made the right choice. Here are some things you need to ask any implant specialist before you get started:

  1. How many procedures have you done like this?
  2. How many patients have you seen with this much bone loss?
  3. How many patients have you successfully treated with similar issues?
  4. Where do you do your lab work?
  5. Talk about possible scenarios. What will happen if the bone graft, or dental implants fails?
  6. What fees are included in my procedure? What fees are possible if I need extra work?

If a doctor cannot provide you with direct answers to these questions, chances are, you are not dealing with the best fit. Experience is one of the biggest things you need to consider as you search for a qualified dental implant doctor. At Dream Dental Implant Center, We have placed thousands of dental implants and have done over 400 arches. This allows us to see the patterns, understand how to advise you for the best treatment. This experience cannot be understated.

As you search for the perfect implant doctor, it helps to interview multiple doctors to ensure you have chosen one with a personality that blends with your personality. We encourage you to visit several offices to find the right doctor for you. Yes you read correctly we WANT you to visit our competition, to compare us against them. We stand behind our experience, ability and passion. You need to be able to trust the doctor you choose and feel comfortable discussing your oral health. You need to select someone you can contact and trust to deal with problems related to your dental implants. We recommend reading online reviews about the doctor to get a sense of how their patients feel about them. What type of experience do they have, and what did the patients say about them?

Dental implant costs can vary based on the amount of work required, your current state of health, and the style of implant needed. We give a price that is upfront in order to do that you will need to fill out the form below to provide Dream Dental with an idea of your situation.