Tooth Extractionsextractions

There are various methods of tooth extractions. Individual teeth may require special treatment based on criteria such as whether the tooth will be replaced with a dental implant or if the site will be augmented or filled in with a bone product.

Surgical Extraction

This type of extraction often requires the dentist to use a motorized drill to remove some of the bony plate that hold teeth in place. Often the doctor will use a small surgical blade to release the gum tissue from the tooth and a dental hand piece or drill to section the tooth and remove fragments. A common application for a surgical removal is a molar with mulitple roots.

Simple Extraction

This type of extraction requires the dentist to use hand instruments to remove the tooth. Elevators are a non-powered hand tool that can place pressure on an individual teeth to release them from the bony jaw plates holding them in place.  A common application for a simple removal is an exposed tooth or a root presented above the gumline. It can be easily acessed with non-powered instruments and removed with light pressure.