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Dr Hendriks is quite the guy! He loves panda Express if money is tight when you are snowboarding. He is the best implant specialist in Utah. Very personable and loving. Picks a guy up when he's down. I would refer a patient to anyone else. He makes things affordable and the best quality available!read more
Brian Rosenlof
00:30 09 Feb 19
My name is Spencer and my situation was a little more complicated than others. The first time I went to Dream Dental I was totally blown away at the professionalism and kindness of the staff. A smile is so important to a persons confidence and when I started my journey my confidence was at an all time low and after my implants my life has changed so dramatically for the better. I could never thank Dr Hendricks enough for what he and his staff have done for me. I tell everyone and anyone who asks about my teeth to go to Dream Dental. They are truly the most amazing and talented people I would do anything for them even though the price can be pretty steep I feel like it's a very small price to pay for confidence and happiness!! Thank you so very much Dream Dental and Dr Hendricks you have truly changed my life!!read more
Spencer Ruth
04:57 27 Oct 18
Words can’t describe my appreciation to the Dr’s and Assistants (especially Kristina)! So happy to feel comfortable in my own skin and being able to smile again! My new nickname is smiley because I never stop smiling! Thank you so much!read more
Leslie Buhler
18:30 16 Nov 18
Had the “All on Four” implants done. Very impressed with the staff. They all are very knowledgeable and truly care for and about all their patients. Dr. Hendricks is a wonderful person and a great dentist. If you need any major work done to your mouth I would absolutely recommend them. It has been a long process but so worth it.read more
03:24 17 Nov 18
I would 100% recommend Dream Dental to anyone in need of an implant. The staff is so kind and so welcoming, and Dr. Hendriks is the most caring doctor I have ever met! It is amazing how much he truly cares about his patients! Dream Dental is the best office you could go to!read more
Jeff and Baylee Muir
03:27 12 Dec 18
My experience with Dream dental has been just that, a dream. Never didI think I would take a step into this journey with so much confidence inmy choice. From my first consultation with the staff, facility, and doctor Hendricks,I knew my choice, health and smile was in the best hands I could have found.I worked in the dental field for 18 years and think I could trust my workto nobody better.This dream team have become my friends.I have been proud to recommend them to every one I know, and now those of you I don't know.read more
Donna Lund
22:13 10 Jan 19
Thanks to Dr. Hendricks and his entire staff. They are a huge blessing. They took care of us like family. We pray their practice continues to grow and prosper. If implants are on your mind you can’t go wrong with Dream Dental!!read more
Juanita Camacho
21:06 17 Jan 19
This place is great! They have a caring and understanding staff! Christina always has a smile on her face and is very personable. I highly recommend! 😊read more
Megan Baker
18:50 21 Jan 19
Today’s the day I get my final teeth!!! 😁I would just like to express how thankful I am to the Dream Dental Staff for their patience with me during the designing and try in’s of my final teeth! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I always felt like a rock star when I’d show up for an appointment! Great People!First post:4/25/2018 I’m about a month into having my temporary teeth on my implants. I shopped around for quotes and meet with a couple of different All on 4 providers. Prices were pretty competitive, but when it came down to picking a professional I know I made the right choice!! Dr. Hendricks is a informative amazing individual and after meeting with him for a consult I knew that Dream Dental was the right fit for me!!read more
Bryan Burr
21:30 05 Feb 19
Dr. Hendricks is amazing dentist with a big heart! He will take care of you, with his amazingly wealth of information and technology from around the world, you can rest assured that he will make your smile of your Dreams! His staff will treat you like family. No matter how many opinions you have gotten this one will be your last!read more
Stephen Barker
03:15 07 Feb 19
I have found Dr. Bryan Hendriks to be a caring and compassionate dentist. Concerning dental implants, he agreed to meet with me for a consultation to discuss concerns and offer his expert opinion. I am grateful for his counsel and appreciate his willingness to talk with me. He was truly interested in my health and achieving the best possible outcome for me. These comments are from Wei Wu.read more
Gary Smith
19:53 07 Feb 19
THIS PLACE IS AWESOME!!! This will be a life changer for me! The staff is amazing, especially Shelby. Shelby has consistently followed up and checked up on me several times to answer questions and to make sure the process is moving along smoothly. My teeth have been a touchy subject for me for the last 20 years. I am so excited to finally do this for myself. Shelby has helped to put me at ease. I can't reccomend these guys highly enough. The Doctor, and the staff are outstanding!read more
Chris Covington
23:57 08 Feb 19
So far everyone has been great. I haven't had the implants done yet.Well I am done. Have my new teeth. They are perfect.The whole staff at Dream Dental are great. Fantastic people to work with. Very detail oriented. They take the time to get things perfect.read more
Mary Mack
03:42 12 Feb 19
As a practicing dentist, I feel it is important to take time to recognize exceptional clinicians who stand out among my professional peers as truly remarkable dentists. From the standpoint and experience of a professional, I strongly recommend Dr. Kyle Perkins to all patients within reasonable proximity. His knowledge far exceeds the baseline of the average dentist. His dedication to clinical excellence and advanced care are a whole new level above the standard of care. Additionally, Dr. Perkins is a very relatable and compassionate doctor. Dr. Perkins is a dentist I would feel comfortable treating myself, my children, and my mother. I hold few of my colleagues with comparable regard. He is an exemplar and high standard for what dentistry should be.read more
lane harris
01:35 28 Oct 18
Bryan is so passionate about what he does! He truly loves giving people the smile of there dreams and changing there lives. He has traveled the world to learn from the best then is able to teach other Drs. In his institute. I might be biased but I’ve never know anyone more caring, loving and committed.read more
Becky Hendriks
00:48 09 Feb 19
I felt heard and respected. My procedure was quick and I haven't felt any excruciating pain at all. Ibuprofen does the trick! Everything went smoothly. They also have financing options available which is perfect because I can't afford to pay the whole expense right away. I love this place! I recommend them to everyone who is considering implants. The consultation is free and informative. I love it here!read more
Kayli R
21:01 27 Mar 19
Miguel was very informative and let me know the procedure on what was going to happen. Wasn’t nervous at all after hearing that it was going to be an easy procedure. Great personality and very talkative!read more
Julian Gonzalez
16:56 27 Mar 19
I went to a follow up visit and met to new employees Working for Dr. Hendricks! Wow Miguel greeted me as I was coming off the elevator...What a nice guy! He is the office manager very professional but he will crack that smile all the time....The wait for me was about 5 minutes, the Felipe came out called my name and went back to the chair, there was no wait time with him he knows his duties and very professional, even when I teased him...I asked things and he explained it so well I didn’t need to ask anymore...he is very gentle and had a lot of compassion for his clients! This was a wonderful experience with these new Mgr and Dr Hendricks, assistance who are going to school to become a doctor. Thanks Dr Hendricks, Miguel and Felipe you make my visit exciting and I look for seeing you all again soon!read more
Jackie Dalton
02:13 24 Jul 19
Dream Dental Implants is also the dream experience for a consultation! From the very first moment and speaking to the office manager Miguel and setting the initial appointment, to getting a tour of their entire facility and meeting all the staff, was honestly such a pleasant experience. I would definitely recommend them and trust their work %100 percent. They are so professional and treat you like family! There is no better service out there.read more
Arturo Soria
23:35 24 Jul 19
Dr. Hendriks and his entire staff are amazing to work with. They are dedicated to creating incredible results, and from the front desk to the back office to the lab to... everyone involved works hard to make sure you are treated like family and that you receive the best possible care. I couldn't be happier with my experience and the results. Truly life changing to have a beautiful smile again!read more
Krista Swensen
00:49 23 Jul 19
The staff is so friendly! They really get to know you and take their time answering all of your questions at the consultation. It's awesome that they make all the teeth right at the facility, it really is customized to be YOUR perfect smile!read more
Jennifer Jones
01:56 23 Jul 19
Fantastic experience so far! Dream Dental Implant Center in Salt Lake City Utah has exceeded my expectations from the start and continues to impress. Upon finding Dream Dental, their informative website and rave reviews made them the obvious choice for meeting my dental needs. The online application process for financing was simple and within a few days of submission, Shelby from DD reached out to me with my approval. Shelby is a great asset to the DD team. Not only was she handling the paperwork necessary to begin my journey, she was also happy to answer the many questions I had, address my concerns and ease my fears over the phone.Upon my arrival at Dream Dental Implant Center, I was greeted by Shelby and Cindy who walked me through the seamless intake process and I was introduced to the DD team. I was given a full consultation and a tour of their beautiful facility, which further eased my fears. The team went above and beyond to ensure I was comfortable with the procedure, and I could feel they truly care about their patients and the results they provide. I'm especially grateful to Cindy and Christina who were very kind to take care of me like family, and took the time to listen to my concerns. Their knowledge, compassion and professionalism were outstanding and I can't thank them enough.It was really nice to meet Dr. Hendrix, he really cares about his patients and it shows in the work he does. He informed me of all treatment options available, explained the procedure, and we agreed on the best fit for me. I highly recommend Dr. Hendrix and his team they care about your health,wellness and of course your smile. I'm very happy with the results so far, my temps look great and I can't wait to see the permanent results. His work exceeded my expectations, and I am looking forward to seeing my Dream Dental family again soon. This is by far the place to go if you want to leave with a 5 star experience and an A+smile! Mike Roberts (New Hampshire)read more
mike rob
18:20 30 May 19
This is truly the most Amazing group of people . I met Dr Hendricks about 3 years ago & because of personal reasons I am now finally having my surgery this week! Dr Hendricks is truly the most caring person & I can’t say enough of how much I love & trust him. The first time I met him I cried the entire way home because for the first time ever he gave me hope. I hadn’t had that ever when it came to my teeth. And it has continued the last 3 years. I am so excited to start my journey & this is no longer my dentist office they are now family!!read more
Anndra Modrcin
14:20 24 May 22
2022 update:Kaitlin was so amazing she did such a great job taking me though everything that I need to do and DR. Hendricks is the very best dentist l have ever hadWe am came in to see about getting implants and when we walked in Kat immediately greeted us we a smile and was very helpful and professional and went above and beyond what we expected (she even helped us find a parking spot)🤗read more
adam hales
18:15 24 May 22
They are all amazing to work with and so kind. Dr Hendrix makes you feel so comfortable and answered all my questions.read more
Blair Goldsberry
17:36 19 May 22
I just finished up at Dream Dental and I want to say thank you to all the staff it was an amazing experience. My results with my teeth far exceeded my expectations. Thanks again Dr. Hendriks.read more
Richard Mills
22:21 30 Mar 22
Everyone has been very friendly and informative. I am a couple days after the procedure and have not experienced any pain. All I have been taking is tylenol and ibuprofen as recommended for the pain.read more
Brandon Johnson
22:57 03 Oct 18
I went to see Dr. Hendricks for a consultation yesterday. I have been to multiple other places to get quotes and information on the All on 4 procedure. Because of this, I didn't have many questions that needed answering, but I was very interested in everything Dr. Hendricks had to say as he described his work, his passion, the way he does things and his extensive knowledge. I understood things a lot better than I did before - even though I thought I knew it all. This is definitely a procedure I want to do and I can tell you, just walking into that place gives you a sense of safety, comfort and you know from the very second you arrive, that you are the most important person to the staff and Dr. Hendricks and they give you their undivided attention and are just so amazing. I wanted to stay all day and listen to Dr. Hendricks!I am going to have this procedure done and I am definitely coming here! My search is now over! I know I have found the BEST!read more
Kelly Leal
22:26 05 Mar 18
Dr. Hendricks and his team were very professional but yet made it feel as if I'd known them for years. They answered all my questions, provided a detailed plan for my smile restoration with several options along the pros and cons for each option. Followed up with me to make sure I didn't have any additional questions or concerns or if they could help me in any way. I had a great experience during my consultation and I can't wait to move forward. I would suggest anyone needing implants or a complete smile restoration to contact Dr. Hendricks and his team...they were fantastic!read more
Eileen Lanham
20:59 05 Mar 18
Dream Dental is awesome dr. Hendricks kicks ass!! he's one of the best dentist I've ever met. all the girls they're super nice! Super caring. it's just an awesome place I would recommend it to anybody.they work with you they're just a great group of people. I got in they helped me out, they helped me figure out how to get it all taken care of and I just loved my whole experience. I would recommend them over any other Implant Center that I went to. And Dr. Hendricks is local personable and really cares for his patients. Just loved it!!read more
porter schildmeyer
21:20 27 Feb 18
Dr. Hendricks has been amazing through out the whole process of two implants. He genuinely cares about his patients, making sure they receive the best care and ultimate service. The staff are very friendly and helpful, especially Gia. I was having a difficult day and she went out of her way to make sure I was taken of. I would recommend Dr. Hendricks and his staff to my closest friends and family!read more
suzi asay
06:02 11 Mar 18
I brought my wife into Dream Dental and it was the best decision we have ever made. Dr. Hendricks was so kind and helpful. He treated her as if she was part of his family. The implants have been awesome and we couldnt be happier. Christina was also great to her. My wife says she fantastic!!! I would recommend Dr. Hendricks and his staff to anyone. Call him, you will be so glad you did.read more
Kael Jackson
00:48 16 Mar 18
Dr. Hendricks is passionate about giving his patients the best options to restore their smile and giving them a better life. He cares for those he treats and wants the very best for them and is great at finding a way to give you what you want and need. I have known Dr. Hendricks for years and know him to be a great clinician (I am a dentist as well) and an upright person. If you need implants or full mouth rehabilitation he is one of the best.read more
Sonterra Dental
15:30 30 Mar 18
I went to Dream Dental because my upper teeth were in bad shape. Dr. Hendricks gave me a quote that was very reasonable for removal, adding implants, and a new upper denture set. When I came out of surgery, Dr. Hendricks said that I needed more than the 4 quoted implants, so he went ahead on installed 6. There was no extra charge for these. The fitting and manufacture of my upper denture went very well and on schedule. Even though my schedule frequently changed things for them. The dentures fit well and with some minor adjustments I am very satisfied. Dr. Hendricks frequently goes above and beyond to make his patients happy. I can highly recommend these people.read more
Carl Robertson
22:04 13 Apr 18
Dream Dental did an implant for me and they were amazing!! Staff (especially Christina and Jessica) were top notch and so sweet! Not even 24 hours later I have minimal swelling and I’m in No Pain!! Dr Hendriks is truly amazing at what he does! I highly recommend checking them out if you’re looking or know someone who is!!read more
Giannina Burt
17:03 28 Apr 18
Dr. Hendricks and his staff are amazing! I am really nervous going to the dentist and sedation dentistry is wonderful. Looking forward to getting the implant as soon as the bone graft heals!read more
Valerie Didericksen
20:56 18 Jul 18
I have been through A lot with my teeth and seeing another Dentist for the past 4 years & I have basically made no progress !! I recently went to Dream Dental Implant Center and have now gotten new found hope that I can be whole again, without pain in just a few months !! They met with me, showed me their whole facility, x-rayed my mouth & sat down and explained in great length the options I have. I have been nervous to go back to another Dentist, but I felt at home in their Center ! I am looking forward to seeing how they can change my life !! Thank you !!read more
Sherolyn Medford
21:03 01 Aug 18
Love Dream Dental! Staff is amazing!!! always so nice and make me feel like I’m their favorite patient! Soctor Hendriks and their new Doc Dr. Perkins are both amazing at what they do! Would highly recommend To anyone to check them out!read more
00:10 16 Aug 18
Dream Dental Implant Center is an amazing place. Doctors are amazing they really care about their patients needs. The staff is amazing too. Super sweet from the front desk ladies to the assistants in the back. They are just amazing I would highly recommend this place.read more
Martha Saucedo
04:11 16 Aug 18
I was one of their first patients and today I am so grateful that I made that first call. You might say I had a real fear of dental work but knew I had to do something. Dr. Hendricks has a caring but extremely knowledgeable manner, which immediately put me at ease. I received implants and the surgery and recovery were pain free. I was delighted to have a beautiful smile with beautiful teeth. And now my husband was also a patient and has his beautiful smile. We found the cost to be very reasonable and they made arrangements for easy financing. We both are very impressed with their entire staff and we highly recommend Dream Dental for anyone who might want to have excellent care and a happy smile.read more
Lynda DeRushia
22:20 27 Feb 18
I really enjoy the people at Dream Dental. And today I had Christina doing a great job taking care of me. She is very caring, very sweet and listens to me and my stories. I would give her a Five Star review!!!read more
Gene Bjorklund
20:14 05 Oct 18
Dr. Hendricks was great, he was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. The procedure was more pleasant than I had expected and the staff was so nice and friendly especially Gia. I will definitely go back to Dream Dental for any further implant needsread more
Ricardo Baldi
04:48 11 Oct 18
I was seen today at Dream Dental and was very impressed. The office staff and receptionist were friendly and made me feel very welcome! Dr Hendricks was awesome and very knowledgeable! I will definitely go back to Dream Dental, thank you!Marcus M.read more
marcus muir
02:23 17 Oct 18
I love Dream Dental! I came in for a consultation and some special work and found the staff to be friendly and professional . Their office was set up well and Dr Hendriks explained what he found, showed me their findings, and then took care of the problem ! He made sure I was well taken care of. From the moment I walked in until the moment I walked out, I felt well taken care of and their staff was friendly and over all professionalism was outstanding!read more
Susan Russell
13:33 17 Oct 18
I’ve truly loved everyone that has had a hand in creating my new smile. Christina is my fave though! Thanks guys for giving me my life back. I can’t wait for this process to be complete and have a better smile than I have ever had before!read more
Ferrari kid 2018
16:50 18 Oct 18
Dream Dental has been awesome and gave me back my confidence. I’ve got a lot of life to live and I thank Dr. Hendricks for this new smile for all my adventures. Christina has also been fantastic! She’s always concerned for my well being and super attentive to my situation in making me feel comfortable. Highly recommend this team!read more
kay cee
20:57 18 Oct 18
Dream Dental has changed my life! More than they will ever know. Before I became a patient of Dream Dental I had so much infection and pain, it was consuming my life. Every waking moment i worried about my teeth and the effects it was having on my over all health! My decision to have Dream Dental help me was the best decision I could of made! The Doctors and Staff at Dream Dental worked hard to offer solutions and made me feel at ease.I recommend Dream Dental to anyone that suffered like i used to! Today I live a pain free life and i no longer worry about my dental health.read more
Jeana Despain
03:43 19 Oct 18
5 stars is not enough for dream dental. Everyone here is amazing. I had my surgery 3 years ago and it has been the best decision I could have ever made. The care and attention they give their patents is outstanding. They have given me apart of my life back and I am truly grateful.read more
Laura Bingham
15:33 19 Oct 18
Dr. Hendriks is the most caring and compassionate dentist. He truly takes pride in his work and in making sure his patients are happy. The staff are all very wonderful. They deserve more than 5 stars. I would highly recommend Dream Dental Implant Center to anyone!read more
Samantha Groff
00:48 20 Oct 18
I've had a amazing experience at Dream Dental and have felt very taken care of by Dr.Perkins. A Dr.'s bedside manor is very important to me and this is something Dr.Perkins does very well in an uncomfortable situation. If I don't feel comfortable with who I am with I choose to see someone else. Very thankful that Dr.Perkins made me feel so comfortable in every step of the way. Dream Dental is awesome and takes pride in their work!read more
Aubrie Hood
19:14 26 Oct 18
Great experience! Very knowledgeable and extremely pleasant to work with. Very professional and they stand behind their workmanship and products . I'm very pleased and HAPPY. It's great to be able to eat and smile again!! What a confidence boosterread more
Buddy Kaumo
22:21 26 Oct 18
It was ok. They didn't have enough parts to fix my plate from moving. I can't eat anything unless it is very soft or liquid. Hope I get a call first of next week to finish the repair.read more
Pamela Thomas
16:49 06 Oct 18

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