Caring For Your Implants

Dental implants are one of the best options for teeth replacement as they do allow a patient to have a full set of teeth once again. However, caring for dental implants compared to traditional teeth is a different situation. Here are some instructions you need to follow if you receive dental implants.

Be Careful With the Foods You Eat

Dental implants are strong and allow patients to eat everyday foods, but there are certain foods that you should avoid and things you need to stop doing. Opening plastic packaging and other packaging with your teeth can be detrimental to your new implants. Never do extreme things like this to your teeth as it can lead to problems.

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Avoid Hot Liquids

Dental implants retain heat more readily than soft human tissue, which leads to a number of problems with pain. Drinking hot coffee is fine if you can touch it with a finger and it doesn’t burn your hand. If you drink coffee that is too hot, it will lead to problems with the implant as it can damage the cells around the implant. One other thing to remember is to avoid drinking hot and cold liquids together. If you drink something that is cold and something that is hot, it can lead to problems. The porcelain can crack and ruins your implants.

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Do Not Use Vibrating Electric Tooth Brushes

The dental implant has different parts that make the tooth work properly. The crown is the portion of the implant that people can see and what most people think of when they think of a dental implant. The second aspect of the implant is the internal screw, the part that is drilled into the jaw bone. The post that goes into the implant secures the crown to the post and implant. The crown is cemented to the post and holds it in place. A vibrating toothbrush creates a vibration and it can loosen the internal screw. The vibration can cause the entire crown to become loose, which can cause the implant to fail.

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Avoid Flossing Around the Implant

When caring for an implant, you need to avoid flossing around the implant as it will cause problems with the gums receding from the implant. Gums attach to teeth with strong ligaments that contain sensitive nerves. Implants do not have the same strong ligaments attached to them like traditional teeth as they have a peri-implant seal instead. The seal is weak and it can be easily broken. Aggressive flossing will cut the seal, allowing bacteria to enter the pocket and can gain access to the bone. The intrusion of bacteria will lead to infection of the jaw bone, which can lead to loss of the implant.

Visit the Dentist for Regular Checkups

The other important aspect of caring for dental implants is to visit the dentist for regular checkups. Checking the implants twice a year is critical for keeping the tissues healthy and to prevent problems with decay in the jaw bone.