Is the best option for replacing teeth, dental implants?

By November 17, 2016Dental Implants

Are you torn between choosing dental implants over dental bridges and dentures? Dental implants are continuing to emerge as one of the top choices when it comes to your oral health needs. There are several different reasons why patients choose dental implants over other forms of dental work. One of the most important reasons centers around the ability to finally restore your smile! With an implant, you are able to have a replacement tooth that actually helps to restore or improve your health by preventing bone degeneration. Without an implant, the area where the missing tooth is will continue to have bone loss, which will lead to additional oral health concerns.


Many people prefer dental implants for cosmetic reasons as it does help to complete their smile, and will restore their self-esteem. While we agree with these reasons, we find that dental implants do so much more for your cosmetic health. Dental implants help to restore the jawbone, which prevents atrophy of the tissues. Atrophy of the tissues can start to cause facial sagging, which impacts your appearance. No one wants their face to start sinking in! Contact Dream Dental to discuss your options for dental implants.

Long-Term Solution

Another reason why dental implants continue to emerge as one of the leading dental procedures is because they offer a long-term solution. Dental implants function just like a traditional tooth, meaning you need to brush, floss, and eat proper to keep it healthy. Dental implants can last a lifetime with the right oral health habits. Dental bridges need to be replaced, and they can still lead to bone atrophy where the tooth has been removed.

Speech and Eating

Without a tooth, you can start to have troubles with your speaking abilities and eating. Missing teeth leave the mouth vulnerable in a number of ways. Your tongue is unable to press against the tooth to properly form words when you are speaking. Eating can be a challenge, especially when you are missing teeth that are traditionally used for chewing and breaking down food.

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