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By July 10, 2017Dental Implants

The cost of dental implants often scares many people as they assume dental implants are going to be an expensive procedure. Fortunately, with the options available, many dental patients can find affordable dental implants. Dr. Hendrick’s stands by his work and will give you a quote when you come into our office. It is hard to provide a quote over the phone as we need to know the extent of bone loss and treatments that will be needed. If you have a company that provides a flat-rate cost over the phone, you need to be weary of what services they are actually providing.

The average cost of dental implants is higher in America than it is in other countries. It is important to know that the work provided is doing by a trained professional. Dr. Hendricks has years of training and has performed thousands of procedures, making him one of the leading experts in dental implant procedures. The price of dental implant treatment will vary based on your geographic location. Most people find the expense of dental implants to be anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000 per dental implant.

When you call a place on the phone and they offer a flat rate, it is important to know that they are not giving you all the costs involved. Implants are designed to replace teeth, and places that offer large discounts or have a flat fee price are not normally offering a long-term tooth replacement procedure. Some companies are referring to the denture-supported implants, or mini-dental implants.


We do provide plenty of options to help patients afford the dental implants they need. Learn more about the cost of dental implants by listening to Dr. Hendrick’s explain how it varies for patients.

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  • Ray Hill says:

    Hi I have a CT scan done here in Oceanside, Ca by a oral surgeon. I was going to check on going to Mexico (30 miles away) But I don’t feel comfortable. Could I send you a copy by email and get a rough quote for a all on four? I know the price wouldn’t be final until your CT and one on one meeting. I like Dr.Hendricks attitude and experience. I was thinking if we can get a rough quote agreed upon I could just stay up their and have the 1st consultation and final cost, pre surgery consultation and the first week follow up in one trip.

    • Dave Gayaldo says:

      Ok , I’m interested but I live in Illinois. Now that is a lot of concern for me . How do I deal with this ? Or go to clear choice here ? I’m sure I’m not the first to ask this . Thank you dave gayaldo

  • Dawn doctor says:

    Hello I am.intrested in fixing my teeth..I just received a free consultation and was told I will need an overdenture top and bottom..all my teeth have to come out in one day and they can give me temps.anyway the price was $42,000 paid in 2 yrs too expensive..I have the x-rays pics..can you do better with price..I live in NYC And willing to travel..and I can do financing..
    I am not a candidate for any other procedures.i did want snap on..but doc said not a candidate .
    Please contact

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