Are All on 4 dental Implants worth going into debt for?

New teeth, through all on 4 dental implants, dramatically changes lives. Aside from the most obvious benefits of eating and a smile, all on 4 dental implants change the way you interact with every person in your life. Beautiful teeth creates so much confidence, which pours into the people we love all around us. What would you give to improve some of the most important relationships in your life?

We have seen countless patients visit our office and when asked to smile for pictures, they are unable to because they have literally forgotten how to smile. What does it do to a intimate relationship when you are consistently hiding your smile? Can you truly give all of the goodness and energy that you have when you refrain from smiling? Having that confident smile back will provide you with better opportunities in work and finances.

So many of our patients tell us how they haven’t applied for jobs they know they would get but don’t apply because they are too embarrassed about their teeth. Dream Dental consistently sees returning all on 4 dental implant patients with new jobs and even bigger smiles. Teeth provide patients with a way to choose healthy and wholesome food.


Transcript of video: But what … The reason why I think it’s worth going out, taking a second on your house to do this is because right now your ability to eat and chew healthy food, your emotional health … You talk about your emotional health, your physical health, it’s okay. It’s like if your kids and your husband had to pick between happy mother that is healthy and is going to live a long time or to have a house that’s paid off, I wonder which one they would pick. But I know from your perspective, you’re thinking “I don’t want … We worked so hard, this equity we have there. We want to have for other things.” My comment is that I believe that’s true. I wouldn’t take a second out on for a vehicle or a vacation or all these things. But this is a physical and emotional thing where I believe that if you did this, even just the top, emotionally, your relationship with your husband would be better.

Promise it will be better, not because you’re not good now just because when you smile at him, you just gotta smile. Without holding back. And when a woman smiles at a man and she lets her full self be there. It’s presence. And that confidence equates to an amazing marriage. And so that’s number one. But think about what that could do in your job. You said you’re in management, right? Now, you have a really, really nice smile. Maybe you apply for that job that you haven’t applied for that’s like, “But then I’d have to be in front speaking in front of people and I just don’t do well in those circumstances. They’ll hide my smile.” Or you’re in that … Maybe it might be a position where you’re talking to people all the time and you just don’t feel comfortable because your teeth.

Maybe there’s more income in your job that you could squeeze out simply because of the teeth, right? Because that’s the emotional and financial. But then here’s my third thing is what if because you’re not eating healthy because you physically can’t, I know you do your best, but you’re already dealing with some issues with your stomach. What if that took that extra five years off your life or 10 years off your life? I mean it’s hard to … What I can tell you is that when you are eating healthy, you’re going to wake up with more energy. When you are eating the right things, obviously, you feel better about yourself, but you live longer. And so again, I kind of beat a dead horse sometimes, but I really believe that … I know we all have these beliefs when to go into debt and not go into debt.

It’s a very personal thing, but I would be, if it was my mom or my wife, this is something I promise you will get so much value out of it that you’ll make the money to pay off the mortgage again. But even if you did and your mortgage goes a little bit longer, at least you’re happy. At least you’re like the person your husband married 20 years ago or whenever you did, right? Because you can get him back that person. And I bet if you had to pick between, Okay, maybe I have an extra five years to pay off on my house. But those five years I would have this amazing, happy wife that’s healthy and she’s going to be here because we’re a mess when women die, right?

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