How to Choose the Right Doctor

By July 10, 2017Dentist

How to choose the right doctorSelecting a doctor to perform dental implants can be a difficult task as the demand for dental implants rise, patients often turn to their regular dentist for implants. While any dentist with a dental degree can legally place an implant, should they? Dental implants are a difficult procedure requiring the right training and experience. Dental implant specialists will go beyond dental school to learn implant treatment, which can take upwards of three years to complete.

How Long Have You Been Placing Dental Implants?

Experience is essential when it comes to dental implants. Dr. Hendricks has years of experience placing dental implants. Following dental school, he received advanced training and completed a 13 month residency with a private practice, teaching dental implant procedures. With a very narrow focus on dental implants, you know you are in good hands with Dr. Hendricks.

How Many Dental Implants Have You Placed?

There is a large difference between a dentist placing 15 implants and 1500. Dream Dental Implant Center specializes solely on dental implants and Dr. Hendricks has placed thousands of dental implants.

What Does the Initial Examination and Diagnosis Include?

As you work with a dental implant specialist to reshape your mouth, it is important to understand how the entire process will work. The initial examination will discuss teeth that have been removed, or teeth that need to be removed. An overall examination will discuss the health of your gums and will discuss the bone density following a complete bite evaluation. Our intimal examination and diagnosis will discuss multiple treatments and outcomes from your procedure.

Can I See Your Work?

At Dream Dental Implant Center, we want our patients to see noticeable results. We proudly place before and after pictures on our website and we will show you additional pictures during your initial examination and diagnosis.

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Do You Use the Latest Technology?

Not only do we use the latest technology, Dr. Hendrick’s regular attends trainings and seminars related to dental implant treatments. We use digital X-rays and software to aid in creating 3D computer images of your jawbone to create a digital plan.

What is Your Success Rate?

Dream Dental Implant Center highly recommends dental implants as they do have one of the highest success rates among all dental procedures. Successful implant integration varies based on your oral health and where the implant needs to be placed. In most cases the dental implants success rate is 98%. Dr. Hendrick’s will fully assess you to determine if you are a good dental implant candidate. To learn more about dental implants, and to find out if you are a good candidate, contact Dream Dental Implant Center today!


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