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Traveling for All-on-4®
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You don't live in Utah, but you want a Consultation? Not a problem! We have virtual consultations! If you're wondering why so many people travel to Utah to get their All-on-4 Dental Implants, a big reason is if you're in an area where the cost of living is higher, it may cost you a lot more to get it done in your hometown than the cost of traveling and staying here! If you would like to learn more about this life changing procedure, book your virtual consultation today!

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The Benefits of Flying to Dream Dental Implant Center
  • Go on vacation, return with your Dream Smile!
  • Replace all your teeth, PERMANENTLY!
  • Feels and Functions like Natural Teeth.
  • ​Eat the foods that you desire
  • ​Preserves your jawbone and helps maintain a more youthful facial structure
  • Save money
  • ​You can trust you're getting this surgery done by someone with experience
  • ​Fully customizable Dream Smile
  • ​​DISCOUNTED STAY AT THE HAMPTON INN! Click Here to make your reservation or call and say you're a patient with Dream Dental Implant Center!
Sierra flew in from Hawaii to get her All-on-4 Dental Implant Procedure done with Dream Dental!
Why would I fly to Utah to get All-on-4® Dental Implants?
A huge factor that plays into the cost of dental implants is geographical location! People have flown in from Hawaii, California, Florida, New York, just to name a few, to save money on their procedure. This is because in areas where the cost of living is high, dental implants can be tens of thousands more in those areas!

How exciting would it be to go on vacation for a week and return with a brand new dream smile to surprise your family and friends?
What will your time here look like?
This is what the typical out of state schedule for a patient would look like.

You will be taking two trips out here, unless you opt for the upgraded package.

First trip here is to perform pre-surgery. You can fly home same day, this will only take a few hours, but we need the impression to begin building your teeth.

Your second trip:
Monday: Surgery
Tuesday: Temporary Teeth. These are natural looking teeth and you can eat soft foods while in these.
Wednesday: Try in to process your final device in the lab.
Thursday-Friday: Be available for a possible second try in.
Saturday-Sunday: Enjoy the sites! We have lots of great restaurants that have soft food downtown!
Monday: Be available for Final Device Try Ins.
Tuesday: Your Final Device will be fitted and you'll be able to fly home!

You will be instructed to stay on a soft diet while your mouth is healing, this is usually around 6 months.


You don't even have to leave your house!

Hawaiian Patient's Smile Reveal and Review for All-on-4®
What is needed from you:
• Recent CT scans that show bone density or panoramic X-Rays (Can be taken by your local dentist).
• Self-made video showing front/side views of mouth while talking and very wide smile
• Selfie with cheesiest smile you can give

The following forms will be sent to you after you give us your contact information.
• Medical history forms filled out and sent back
• Consent forms filled out and sent back

Email this information to [email protected] or call us at (801) 682-4519
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