Dream Dental Awareness Campaign

Dream Dental wants to bring awareness to issues facing society. Each month we will take up a cause and shine a light on it hoping to get more people thinking about the issues facing us all every day. We invite you to help us as we work to create lasting change in the lives of all members of society, not just our patients. Here at Dream Dental we are used to giving people a reason to smile every day, now we want to extend that to others through our community involvement.


autism awarness

April is Autism Awareness Month. we have teamed up with Autism Speaks to collect donations for their organization. Autism is a disorder that effects so many people and the numbers are steadily growing. It is currently expected that 1 in every 58 children have been diagnosed with Autism and are living on the spectrum at some point. Autism is tricky in that it presents itself differently in every person touched by it. We want to encourage understanding for those who go through life trying to comply with societal demands, but can’t do so fully. Please join us this month in supporting Autism Speaks to help give a voice to Autism and to provide needed services to those living on the spectrum and to their loved ones.

Help us support Autism Speaks by donating today Click here to donate

Upcoming Month Awareness Topic


May is Teacher Appreciation Month. We are wanting to celebrate those who every day work hard to educate the future of America. We invite you to nominate a teacher that you feel deserves special recognition as an exceptional educator.