What is the Resin Bar?

By July 10, 2017Dentist

The all-on-four Resin Bar is used to replace missing teeth. It is made in office, and can be used for patients with different situations. It is important to have an evaluation by Dr. Hendricks to ensure patients will not have issues with the resin bar breaking. The resin bar is used as a replacement for titanium in some patients. The substructure is needed to keep the jawbone strong and in-tact to ensure the dental implant will be successful.

Fabrication of the resin bar is done in our Salt Lake City, Utah, dental office. We find patients that use this procedure are able to see long-term success in its results. Patients will need x-rays and a complete oral evaluation to determine if the resin bar is the right fit for their mouth. Based on our findings, many patients will be able to use the resin bar as there is plenty of restorative space. Patients dealing with excessive bone loss will need to speak to Dr. Hendrick’s to determine the best options for their oral health.

To learn more about the resin bar, listen to Dr. Hendrick’s explain this unique device:


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