What Is The All on 4 Made Of?

By July 10, 2017Dentist

all on four made ofDo you want to replace several teeth on top or bottom of your mouth? All on 4 dental implants are designed to do this! Thanks to significant advancements in dental technology, the team at Dream Dental Implant Center can provide solutions for your missing teeth concerns. What materials are used to make all on 4 dental implants the best solution for patients in need of multiple dental implants? There are three basic material options including:


What Makes Zirconia Strong?

Dental patients need to have options when it comes to dental implants. Zirconia is often considered a “metal free” dental implant. In dentistry, zirconia is known as zirconium oxide, which means it is not pure as there is a slight trace of hafnium inside to improve its strength. When dental zirconia is ready, it will have an opaque looking product that is extremely strong and used to make crowns and bridges. Zirconia can fuse to the bone, similar to the way titanium does, making it suitable for dental implants. There are several advantages to using zirconia for dental implants:

No dark metal color showing through the gums
No corrosion problems
No piezo-electric currents
Thermally non-conductive
Titanium Dental Implants

Most patients are familiar with titanium dental implants as they are extremely versatile. With a titanium implant, it is placed in the underlying bone beneath the gum and will be attached to a post or abutment, which is then attached to the teeth. Titanium implants provide more prosthetic options from others as they can be placed slightly off angle or angled to match your smile properly. Titanium implants are prosthetically ideal as they allow for separate posts to perfect someone’s smile that may need multiple implants.

Resin or Fiberglass Dental Implants

An advanced dental implant option is resin or fiberglass dental implants. Several of our dental patients have received the dental implant with great success. What makes resin or fiberglass an ideal solution for dental implants? The new fiberglasss implants have a higher success rate from other implants and they can withstand twice the load force, making them an effective long-term solution for dental implants.
To learn more about all on 4 dental implants and the different dental implant materials, contact Dream Dental Implant Center today.

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