How Long Will A Dental Implants Last?

By October 13, 2016Dentist

While we already know dental implants are one of the best options available to restore your smile, what you may not know is how long they will last. At Dream Dental Implant Center, we deal with all ages of clients looking for ways to restore their smiles. We provide our patients with the very prosthetics money can buy, that is because we are committed to giving our patients the best long lasting results. It is difficult to say how long an implant will last as it is based on several factors including the strength of your jawbone.

Judging the Strength of your Jawbone

When you visit our Salt Lake City office, one of the first things we will discuss is your overall dental health. For a dental implant to be successful, it must be properly secured to the jawbone. In some situations, there is simply not enough jawbone to support the implant.

For patients lacking proper jawbone strength, we may recommend a bone graft. Bone grafts are done to strengthen the jawbone, making it strong enough to support a dental implant. Proper bone density is not only important to help with dental implants; it has cosmetic features as well. The jawbone can continue to deteriorate when a tooth is removed, which can lead to your face sinking in on one side.

If you are not willing to undergo jawbone graft surgery, we will discuss alternative options including bridgework or dentures.

How Long Does a Bone Graft Take?

A standard bone graft will require small surgery or multiple surgeries to transplant bone to the area. Usually a piece of bone will be taken from the hip, tibia, or jaw. The new bone material will start to fuse with your existing jaw bone, allowing it to become strong enough to support a dental implant. In the majority of cases, there is only one appointment for bone grafting, and then follow-up appointments to check on the density of the jawbone and to find out if it has fused with the new bone.

How Long Will a Dental Implant Last?

Dental implants can last a lifetime as long as you practice good oral health habits. We recommend a healthy diet coupled with daily brushing and flossing. This will aid in allowing the dental implant to remain healthy. It is vital to visit your regular dentist for regular checkups to ensure your oral health is in good condition. We use the very best product you can buy on the market. We believe in providing our patients with the very best!

Treat your dental implant as you would your regular teeth. Dental implants need proper care as they can be vulnerable to gum disease and tooth decay. A dental implant should not cause you any pain and will not cause problems with speaking or eating.

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