Dr. Preston Hansen grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. He attended dental school at the University of the Pacific in San Francisco and then went on to complete formal training in oral and maxillofacial surgery in Fresno, CA as a part of the UCSF Fresno residency program. 

His passion is reconstruction and restoration. At UCSF Fresno there were no other residencies for head and neck services which gave him tremendous experience in ENT, plastic surgery, and oral surgery for all emergency needs. His training gave him the opportunity to treat countless individuals who had suffered serious deformity from experiences such as trauma, cancer, and other pathology. Not only did these patients need their diseases treated, they needed their jaws and faces rebuilt and restored. This aspect of treatment, restoring someone’s smile, has had the biggest impact on his life. 

He has focused his practice in this area of restoring smiles and teeth with dental implants. He is constantly learning and researching to stay at the front line of dental implant based restorations. He is one of the first dentists in Utah to use in office 3D printing and virtual surgical planning computer software to plan and treat patients.