The Dream Dental Experience

At Dream Dental we strive to create an environment where our team members, families and most importantly our patients feel welcome and comfortable. We make every effort possible in treating you to an experience unlike any other typical office visit.

As you enter Dream Dental, you are warmly greeted and escorted to a private room that is set up to provide a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Here, you may be seated on one of our many leather sofas and offered a beverage from one of our courteous team members. While in this private consultation room you have the opportunity to speak with Dr. Hendriks one on one; and ask any questions or express concerns you may have, comfortably and privately until you are satisfied and confident with your treatment plan.

It is our utmost desire that while visiting with Dream Dental you feel welcomed and at peace, and have created each room to offer a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

At surgery visits, you will be greeted the same way and again be taken to a private comfortable room with your family. As you wait for your procedure, you and your family are welcome to watch a variety of entertainment options. Our pre-care and post-op rooms have cable, Netflix, and wi-fi available. You will begin your sedation process with your family by your side, once you are relaxed and comfortable, you will be transported to a sterile surgical suite. The procedure will take place and before you wake up you will be back with your family in one of our recovery rooms.

In recovery, you will have team member provide individual concierge service to you. Beverages and snacks will be provided as a courtesy and warm blankets are available to make your visit in recovery relaxing and calm. You may stay as long as needed, Dr. Hendriks and your personal team member will be closely monitoring you until your departure.

When you have recovered and are ready to be released, you will be given a take home bag that includes everything needed for your post-operative care. Your escort will be given instructions upon departure and you will be escorted to your vehicle safely.

Following any procedure you will be scheduled for a complimentary follow up appointment. Expect exceptional service and care during any visit you may have with us. Please, always let us know what we can do to improve your experience while you spend time with us. The best compliment given is the referral of your friends and family.

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