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Am I a candidate for All on 4® Dental Implants?
The short answer, probably! In our experience, 99% of Patients Qualify! The best way to know is to schedule a Consultation with us! Call us today!
Can I get Dental Implants?
Dream Dental places All on 4® dental implants on patients of all ages. If you are missing teeth, dental implants provide one of the best solutions to restore your smile. To determine if you are a dental implants candidate, we will need to perform an oral health exam and discuss your health history. As long as there is plenty of bone to work with, and the patient is in good health, dental implants are usually an option. If you are in good health, dental implants are possible. We recommend dental implants as they do have one of the highest success rates for oral health procedures.

Patients suffering from the severe bone loss will need to receive bone graft treatments before they can be candidates for implants. We will need to examine your overall oral health to determine if implant placement is possible. All on 4® Dental Implants will provide a long-term solution for your missing teeth. If you want to restore your smile and boost your confidence, consider dental implants!
What Impacts My Ability to Receive All on 4® Dental Implants?
While the majority of patients are eligible to receive dental implants, there are some patients that are unable do due to health reasons. If you do have one of the following conditions, tell our office staff immediately:
  • Inadequate bone in the jaw bone
  • ​Gum Disease
  • ​Complications with your bite
  • ​Overall poor health
  • ​If you're a Smoker (How much and for how long)
  • ​Medications
Some patients with the above conditions are eligible for dental implants, but we need to use a different treatment process. Some patients will need to wait a few months before they can start the process while others can start treatment right away. If you fall into any of the categories above you still may qualify to have dental implants. You will need to receive a FREE 3D X-ray with our complimentary consultation to evaluate your current health.
Replace all of your teeth with a long-lasting solution, and stop throwing away your money on 'band-aid fixes' at the dentist!
Will I need Bone Grafts? How is my Oral Health?
To get an idea of how dental implants will impact your oral health, we will take a 3D CT Scan (Included with your Free Consultation!), discuss your oral health history, and check your bite. We need to make sure the new tooth, or teeth, will integrate properly into your bite so it doesn’t impact your ability to chew correctly.

If you have severe bone loss, we will recommend bone grafts. There are several different options for bone grafts. We will discuss which material will be the best for your jawbone, and for successful implant placement. The longer you are missing a tooth, the faster your jawbone will continue to degrade. Since the jawbone needs a tooth to remain healthy, we recommend visiting our Salt Lake City dental office as soon as possible to discuss bone graft treatment.
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