3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Settle for Dentures

By February 3, 2020Dentist

Don't settle for DenturesTraditional dentures are now a thing of the past. At Dream Dental Implant Center, denture-wearing patients are experiencing life-changing results in upgrading their traditional dentures with dentures with All-on-4® dental implants and regaining their bite functionality, comfort, confidence and quality of life.

The truth is that when it comes to dental implant structured devices and traditional dentures, there is no comparison. Unlike traditional dentures, these devices are built on a foundation of dental implants that fuse to your natural bone, allowing the dental implants to literally become part of your body.

Building a prosthetic device on this foundation of implants allows for a more stable, durable, comfortable, and beautiful option for patients who currently wear dentures, or think they may need them. Here are the top three reasons you shouldn’t settle for traditional dentures.

1. Stronger bite force means eating all the foods you love
Humans have naturally powerful jaws and teeth because of our varied diet. Generally, your bite force with your natural teeth (at their healthiest) is strong — falling somewhere between 200-250 pounds of force. The reality is, traditional dentures are not a viable option if you want to get anywhere near the same level of bite force.

With traditional dentures, statistically, your bite force goes down to less than 50 pounds of force. With this change in force, your bite force goes from a steak dinner to a bowl of soup.

Traditional dentures are not able to give you the strength you need for the life you want. Upgrading your dentures to an implant-supported prosthetic such as an Over Denture increases your bite force to 167-235 pounds of force. What we recommend as the best option for any patient, and for you to get the most enjoyment out of being able to eat again, is the All-on-Four dental implant procedure that increases your bite force to nearly 250 pounds!

2. Less maintenance means more money in your pocket
The sad reality is that once a tooth is extracted, the bone starts to recede, and your gums start to recede as well and lay flatter and flatter. Dentures are made to fit your gums as they are the day they are made. While they initially will fit well, as time passes traditional dentures will begin to progressively fit looser and less tight to your gums as your bone and gums recede and flatten out.

What this means for you is endless adjustments and relines of your dentures, which generally cost a few hundred dollars every one to two years. Upgrading to an implant-supported prosthetic, which is fused to the bone and holds bone and gum levels from receding, eliminates the need for adjustments and relines, minimizing the need for costly maintenance payments. Plus, think of all the money you’ll save not having to shell out money to buy messy denture adhesives and soaking solutions!

3. Better design means less bone loss and better quality of life with improved appearance
Traditional dentures merely sit inside your mouth and are held in place by adhesive, suction and the will of the universe. Seriously. For them to work, the design had to be such that the upper pallet (roof of the mouth) has to be covered. Most people don’t realize that a ton of your taste buds are actually on the roof of your mouth! With an implant-supported prosthetic device, not only are you able to have the bite force you need to enjoy the foods you love, and the open pallet you’ll have will allow you to actually taste the foods you eat!

All-on-4® dental implants also allow you to forgo the gagging reflex due to the open pallet design, allow you to speak more clearly than with a traditional denture, reduce the instances of pain and mouth infections, and save you the embarrassment of having your teeth suddenly pop out on their own.

Most traditional denture wearers tend to be apprehensive about wearing their dentures. They often stop themselves from smiling and laughing, not feeling as confident as they could. The All-on-4® Dental Implant procedure is a long-lasting, permanent solution to all of the problems presented by dentures. You will regain your ability to taste and enjoy your foods, you’ll regain your confidence and be able to laugh and smile again freely without fear of anything falling out.

Change your smile, change your life
If you’re tired of your dentures, or if you have ongoing issues with your teeth and are ready for a permanent solution and would like to learn more about all of our dental implant procedures and options, please book your free, one-hour consultation with Dream Dental Implant Center. Or if you’d like to give us a call instead, please call us at (801) 326-4776.

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